Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Electricity was Used for this Blog Post

Finished the rest of the glass tiles pendants I made yesterday. I scraped off the extra glue and put on the bails. Yes, I still have only one neck, but it sure is fun having lots of choices to decorate that neck. I was going to sew today, but our electricity was out this afternoon - don't know why, but it was. By the time it came back on, The Red Chair was very comfortable, then the three season porch was all warm and sunny, then Carl made us both a cocktail, then disc 5 of Glee Season 1 got put in the DVD player, then it was time to update the blog and I didn't have anything to show. But, earlier, while the electricity was off, I managed to finish up the tiles. Aah! A blog post! Jerilynn

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