Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loving These Beads

I think the multi colored beads are from Africa...they are different colors and different sizes. A good mix. I added them here and there with cream, red and black seed beads. I think the overall look is Native American, African, Gees Bend Quilt, or graphic ladybugs. Nice "everyday" necklaces. They are the perfect thing to make when you are brain dead and just want to watch HGTV and wonder how people can call 1.5 million dollar homes "fixer-uppers". What??? How can that be? Jerilynn


  1. Even harder to understand when they have a 4 million dollar budget for a second home and the realator is "agast" and is not sure he can find what they are looking for!!!!!!! I miss the "design on a budget" shows!!!!!!

  2. Is that similar to the Housewives shows? Tell me again the definition of Housewife?