Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisconsin Cottage Furniture

I mentioned to Carl a couple of days ago that we were going to need some nightstands for the new cabin bedrooms. He can't start doing his part of the addition, the interior work, for a few more weeks. I suggested that he could do that building now, because once the interior work starts, he will be busy for a couple of months. Blink, blink. Eight nightstands done (one was still on the workbench when I took this picture). I will put a primer coat on them and then a couple of coats of some fun colors. Not sure what colors I want yet, but be assured that a few of them, at least, will be red. I think it depends on what fun curtain fabric I can find for each room. Carl has made several items of "cottage furniture" for us and family and friends over the years. Some designs have been quirky, some traditional, some almost mission style. All are solid and well-made. I got the idea a few years ago for Carl to build some things for us after seeing a fabulous catalog, Maine Cottage Furniture. I would order their catalog every year and pour over every picture. Their items were so colorful and whimsical; their fabrics were fun and bold. All were very, very expensive. I would point out various pieces of furniture to Carl, show him the price, and he would laugh. All eight nightstands totalled $160, and that included a new saw blade for his circular saw. Add primer and paint, and we could be up to $25 each. Maine Cottage Furniture had a blog that I had on my favorites list, and I would check it every few days or so for some good ideas. I had noticed the past few weeks that no new updates were happening. I did a little google sleuthing and found out the company abruptly went out of business at the end of March. No warning to their employees or to customers who had paid in full for the very expensive furniture that would never be delivered. I am so sad for all of these people, and sad for me. No more looking at their great designs and talking Carl into making it for a fraction of the cost. Their blog is still up, and you can read their old posts here. A similar company, Russell & Mackenna has some pretty fun painted furniture, too, so I can still dream about their stuff and get some good ideas. Maybe some day a slick catalog and colorful, idea-filled blog will be called "Wisconsin Cottage Furniture". Made by Carl. Jerilynn

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