Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stringing You Along

I had some errands in Eau Claire, WI, to do today, so I thought I would visit the Coldwater Creek store to see what was new and fun. I didn't see any clothes that caught my eye. Maybe because the store was full of warm weather items and it was snowing outside!! Anyway, some of the jewelry they had was very pretty. It seemed as if seed bead necklaces are popular again! They had a buy two, get one free deal going on, but even at that price, they were over $20 each. Yikes. I talked a bit ago about seeing blue all over, and I am still noticing that. So, when I came home, I decided to make a few seed bead necklaces using some blue beads. I can wear them twisted, singly, or in any combination. I put an oval ring on them so that a glass tile bail can slip on the necklaces, too. Seed beads aren't the most fun things to string, but I didn't have much energy tonight for anything except sitting in The Red Chair and watching some television. I was pretty excited, though, to open the blog tonight and see I was over 10,000. Carl reads my blog everyday so maybe he checked in 50+ times just to see me smile. What a guy. Jerilynn

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