Friday, April 29, 2011


Do you have many WIP (Works in Progress)? No, me neither. The necklace is done, but I find it a touch on the boring side. I pulled out some antique brass components and I think by taking the necklace apart and throwing in some of those metal touches, the necklace would be much more interesting. I wanted to do that tonight, but my eyes keep drifting shut! I did some more organizing today and bought a new cell phone that I am learning to use. All that excitement made me a bit tired. Carl is up at the cabin and has reported that the three new guest bedrooms have pine car siding ceilings done! Yea! Tomorrow is more ceilings, some electrical work, and whatever else he can find to do. I take my sister back to the airport tomorrow, too. Just as she leaves, the spring finally decides to pay a visit! The Bead Monkey, a great bead shop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN, is very close to the airport. I will try not to make a stop there, but I just may need a little break to stretch my legs before I head back home after dropping my sister off. Jerilynn

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  1. Oh my, is it time for a bead intervention? Saying that Grand Avenue is close to the airport is only going to go unnoticed by your out-of-town readers. I am delivering someone to the airport today too and am still trying to convince myself of that. If successful maybe I will bump into you for coffee and cake at Cafe Latte. Hmmm...I do need fabric for some WIP...Treadle Yard Goods is right there by the airport...