Sunday, April 10, 2011

Story about the test picture

So, you have already seen this picture, on the test blog post, and maybe on my Facebook page. Well, this the official blog post about this necklace. As I said previously, I took a class from Bobbi at Buttons, bangles, and Beads in St. Pete Beach. She is a fabulous wire artist, and I was fortunate enough to be here while she was teaching this free form wire necklace/flower class. I learned how to make flowers out of top drilled beads. Then she taught us free form wire work, making a base out of aluminum to wire the flowers to. The wire forming, once it is started, needs to be a continuous bend of swirls from one side to the other. It reminded my so much of continuous machine quilting...a solid flow of stitches from one area to another. Loved it!!! I also loved the colors of wire available in aluminum...less expensive than doing wire work in silver or gold, and much more fun. This piece is big and showy, but I think you could do a quieter one that would be very wearable. I went back to the bead shop today and got more wire. Isn't it fun how one craft just leads into another? Jerilynn

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