Thursday, April 28, 2011

It is 10:30....Do You Know Where Your Findings Are?

Don't you just love, love, love getting organized? My beading findings supplies have been driving me a bit crazy for a while. I had most things in the same place, but there was just enough that wasn't. Plus, with the summer fast approaching (at least the calendar says so...more snow flakes today!) , I needed to start thinking of how I was going to haul up the beading supplies to the cabin. Last year I threw everything in big cardboard boxes and it just wasn't too cool. Michael's had some plastic handled cases that are supposed to hold photos. Each box contained 12 smaller boxes. Perfect for gathering all the findings and putting them all in an easy-to-haul-around case. I made little labels for each small case. How fun was that? Once I was done I decided to finish a few necklaces that needed the final touches. One, above, has five glass tiles, with beads on each side. Not colors I am normally drawn to, but I think it may look good with a tomato red top and jeans. I will let you know. Jerilynn

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