Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Half Year to Me!

Yep...I have been blogging a half year already! Pretty fun. I must say I have enjoyed our daily chats and still get very excited when I get a comment. I apologize that I do not have a created project on this the day of celebration. We went to the cabin today to do some banking, garage door picking-outing, plumber talking-to-ing, and more picture taking. We uncrated some of the plumbing fixtures so that we could be sure where we needed the plumber to plumb. Good thing we did. We originally thought the bathtub would be against the side wall. Once we put it in place, it just didn't look right. Now it is tucked into the back wall area and looks Goldilocks just right. Behind me, where I am standing to take the picture, are the big windows looking at the lake. I decided not to put up any walls around the bathroom. They would block the view from the tub. We are going to set up a bell system. If someone is in the tub, or using the facilities, they ring the bell. That way anyone downstairs knows that they shouldn't come up the stairs. I am sure there may be some slip-ups, but it should work out just fine. Plus it cuts down on the cost of building walls. Jerilynn

P.S. April Fool's, of course.


  1. I'm thinking, "But, but,..... What about when people are in the studio and someone wants to use the biffy? Do they have to go downstairs?" Then I looked out at the snow shower coming down and realized that it's not only Mother Nature who can pull a fooler on this day. Way to go, Jer!

  2. Had me a little worried. I know you love a view but, or maybe I should say butt!!!!!

    It's going to be beautiful.