Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We finally cleaned yesterday. Nothing like feeling good after having the flu to start the urge to clean everything. Carl usually does the vacuuming, and he usually comments on the threads that seem to be everywhere, on everything. As much as I try to be careful with cut threads in the sewing room, they just magically cling to me and travel wherever I go, choosing to make a stop-off at their whim. Even after a good cleaning, little threads will be found - the black ones look like scary, leggy bugs, and the multi-colored ones look like the end result of a fiesta. When my kids were little, spit-up was everywhere, too. Not the big gobs - they got cleaned up right away, but the little burp-ups that you didn't really notice until you were on your way out the door and you notice the white spot on your left shoulder. On the couch back. On the blanket. Down the front of a tee. Everywhere. My grown-up kids now say that wool felt coasters are everywhere at our house. Each living room surface has up to four. Dining room buffet drawer holds dozens. Bedroom nightstands are ready for a glass of water. Family room, sun porch, sewing room? Check. Everywhere. This winter I can say the same for snow. Everywhere, of course, but also everyday, almost. Another March storm is coming. Carl says that every year during the time the high school kids go to Madison for the state tournaments, there is a big snow storm. I think that is in a week or two, so we are not done yet. Maybe we should start a movement to change the calendar. I always seem to be ready for a good snowfall after the leaves fall, but am more than ready for spring in March. What if we just change the months so that March is now April? At the same time we could work on getting rid of the whole time change fiasco. Always unsettling. Ladybugs are also everywhere. Well, I guess they are called Asian Beetles. They come out whenever it warms up a bit. Don't squish them -they are pretty smelly! Yuck. I have collected real ladybug things ever since I was a little girl. Ladybug things used to be hard to find, so I would buy whatever it was. Now I see ladybug stuff everywhere, and I am much more selective about any purchases or about current bug stuff I keep around. A darling ladybug timer was left on our porch just the other day by an unknown gifter...it is seriously cute, and definitely a keeper. Today's project has more stitches. I know, I said I was done with stitches for a while, they were turning up everywhere on stuff I was making. I just wanted to see how the circular attachment would work for quilting the round potholders. I think the layers still shifted a bit, but the circles are definitely round this time. I also used the fabric that I talked about in this blog, and I really think they are beautiful colors. I just might have to forget about de-stashing and buy some more colors of the collection before they are no longer made. Hopefully, if our kids have to help us sell all our stuff, one of them will rescue these special colors and give them a nice home. Jerilynn


  1. Are these for sale on your ETSY site?

  2. No, the original designer of these doesn't allow sales...but gifts are allowed? How many gifted (and talented) potholders would you like?