Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun Day!

What a fun day! Ellen came up from Madison for a retirement party for a close friend and she brought along her new beau and his darling daughter, Kali. We chatted a bit and then I suggested we make some glass tiles! Even Mike, the beau, got into the act (although he is going to turn his creations into magnets). It took us a while to get through the piles of printed images, but we all managed to find some that struck a chord and we glued away. Tomorrow they will be dry enough to glue on magnets or bails. Breakfast with my folks, then they will be on their way back to Mad Town, new creations in tow. Sleepy time now. Jerilynn


  1. Love these too! Thought I'd tell ya I got my runner done today and I Love it! It looks like spring! I can't wait to take another class from you!