Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something's Been Sitting in My Chair!

It appears to be the Noah's Ark tote! I got a suggestion today to line the bag with Noah's Ark cute would that be! I thought I had some left from a baby quilt I made our grandson, Jonah. Well, Jonah is going to be nine! I did have a remnant, but not big enough, and trying to find a nine year old pattern is impossible. So, I used a brown paisley lining. The zippered pocket has two pearly button as trim. Now I need to make a Big Bottom Bonnie Bag to put inside for the secret stuff. I don't know if that will be the paisley or the woven plaid. I do know that I will put some buttons on it somewhere. Though, the ark needs to park elsewhere now. I would like to resume watching Glee Season 1 on Netflix while sitting in The Red Chair. Jerilynn


  1. Although I can't see the "secret" space, I really like how this one turned out--almost the best of all you show. How can I have a fav? Let's just say this one is really appealing =) and shove that puppy elsewhere so you can enjoy your show!

  2. I would really love a bright colorful clothesline tote for my birthday....May 1....hint hint