Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Necklace. Not so Springy.

I messed up the name of the bead store within the garden center a few blogs ago...the name of the bead place is VITA BONA (Beautiful Life). Ooops. Anyway, I bought some vintage-looking brass charms there, and one of them was this darling little bird. I had a spool of thread charm that my sister gave me a while back, and it was antique silver...that's okay - I'll just mix metals. So then I remembered the tile I made that said "Quilt or Die". I threw them altogether on three strands of seed beads. Interesting, I think. I started off making more strands of seed beads to use for assorted glass tiles, but then decided to put these three dangles on one strand each. Of course, if I change my mind, or need a quick different look, I can simply open a jump ring and I am good to go. As I have mentioned before, beading is pretty forgiving for changing one's mind. And that I do! Jerilynn P.S. Happy Spring! I supposed I should have celebrated with something a little more pastel and sweet. It was rainy today and I was in a Quilt or Die mood.

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