Thursday, March 3, 2011

If There Had Only Been a Sewing Team!

Today, a 15 + hour sewing push to get stuff done. Here is a partial picture of some of what I worked on. As I am doing patterns over and over again, in squares and in circles, my mind starting thinking about synchronized swimming. In the school that I went to in Rockford, Illinois, girl synchronized swimming was quite a big deal. No way did I participate! There was the whole bathing suit thing, not to mention the whole lack of ability. Not sure why this stitching reminded me of all that, but if I weren't so tired I am sure I could tie it in somehow. I also remembered that I got voted "Best Personality" in 9th grade. Not "Best Dressed" (even though I made most of my clothes back then), not "Cutest", not "Most Intelligent". Embarrassing. I don't know why that popped into my mind as I stitched row after row. I guess looks fade, and there probably are not too many of the Valkyries (synchronized team name) that can still lift those legs up high in the water and smile at the same time. But, I can still sew, and I am still considered fairly personable. A couple more hours of sewing to do in the morning to finish up. Then off for photography. Soon I can show you the projects. Lots of stitches lined up in perky rows. Jerilynn


  1. I'm liking the idea of a synchronized personality team. Maybe I am tired too, or just not awake enough yet, or share your same wonderful (quirky) personality. Hey! Can I be on the team?.

    Love the circles and stitches. But a former commentor on your circle stitching is right - you better either do circles backwards for awhile or perhaps take a walk in a straight line today to get your inner gears unwound. 15 hours?!

  2. Rockford, Illinois. I am from Sterling, Illinois. I live in Dixon, Illinois now. Synchronized I am not but love to watch. Your circles look good and the colors are bright and cheerful. Chris

  3. I actually for one summer was part of a synchronized swimming class (note-not team) at our pool where I grew up...we were the puffic porpoises...I was not good at it at all, never a strong swimmer, but tried it.
    Love all your stitches items, and the circles are really cool!