Monday, March 28, 2011

Noah's Ark?

I had a woven stripey, plaid material that I thought would make an interesting clothesline bag. I cut the fabric cross-wise except for a couple of rows where the fabric was cut lengthwise to change things up a bit. It has a textured feel and I thought it would be a good neutral bag. I don't know what I will line it with, yet, or whether I will use purchase handles or make some out of the covered clothesline in matching fabric. My new idea, though, was to sew antique buttons all around the bag. It took a while - I hand sewed them on through the clothesline and my fingers are a bit sore. I should have used the button-sewing function on my machine! So, I was pretty pleased with the project so far, and showed it to husband, Carl. "Not your usual colors." "From this point of view it looks like Noah's Ark!" Well, I guess he is correct on both statements! Now every time I look at this bag I will expect to find little pairs of animals inside. Prior to this fabric, I tried cutting up an old pair of jeans and use that to covered the clothesline. I found that the denim was just too heavy to use. Too bad. That would have been a good recycle project. Once I decide about lining and handles and make a Big Bottom Bonnie Bag to match the Noah tote, I will re-post. Jerilynn


  1. I like your "Noah's Ark" bag...great texture...and of course I love the added buttons!

  2. Thank you! All I need are a couple of monkeys.