Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I think I mentioned the circular attachment tool for my Bernina a few posts ago when I talked about the round potholder. I thought that the next time I made one, I would do the quilting with the attachment and the circles would be actually round (a good quality for a circle to have.) A couple of my students were making a bag project and put a few circles on their bag, rather than the square design of my sample. I thought they looked really good, and suggested the circular attachment that would make life a bit easier. Sure enough, the circles are a breeze to make, and fun to see how different the stitches look in the round. BUT, about halfway through the project that I was trying to get done by my Thursday deadline, I BROKE THE ATTACHMENT!!! Yep, not good. Carl looked closely at it and identified the teeny tiny area that broke off. I pushed it together the best I good and carefully continued to use it, even afraid to breathe too hard. It worked good enough to get the circles done. Tomorrow (I guess it will be later today!) I will call Sew Complete to see if they have a replacement in stock. Cross your fingers for me, blog readers. As I said, my pattern deadline is Thursday and I am trying to get everything done. Also cross your fingers for that!!! Jerilynn P.S. Sorry about yesterday's very short post and horrible potholders! Reviews today confirmed the show wasn't all that great. By the lack of comments yesteday, it has been confirmed the potholders were not all that great, either. I will make sure I spill something gooey on them quite soon.


  1. Imagine a whole cloth quilt like that--monocromatic perhaps, or one color for the fabric, one for the thread! Just imagine...thoughts just keep going round and round and round until you're dizzy with ideas. Better go round the other way until you unwind! =)

  2. Well, I tell you, that circle maker thing is very addictive. Whole cloth quilts have been taunting me for some time now, and this may be an idea. Limited by the attachment for circle size, but bigger circles could be made with a compass, dinner plate, etc., and sewn around. I do want to quilt a circle potholder with the attachment.