Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fluffy White Stuff

Boy, there is sure a lot of that fluffy white stuff outside these last two days! A big winter storm, don't even want to know how many inches. Carl tried to go up to the cabin today to work on the windows, got as far as the unplowed highway, and turned back. We got plowed out later in the day, but it was just a good day to hunker down and get some pattern-writing done. One down, two to go. For a break, before the final proof reading of the first pattern, I decided to continue to think Spring and make a quick bunny coaster. It stitches out quickly, like a bunny! I really don't like bunnies in our yard - they eat our flowers, but I would rather see that fluffy white stuff than what I see today out the window from The Red Chair. Jerilynn

1 comment:

  1. I love the stitching in the body of the bunny! The effect is very cool. Is that just criss-crossing straight stitches?