Monday, March 28, 2011

Darn It!!!

I decide to make a quick necklace from some beautiful beads that I bought from Loupiac on Etsy. I had some copper spacers that I thought looked really good with the color of beads. What you can't see is that above the art beads are copper tiny seed beads. The whole necklace was turning out pretty enough to talk about tonight and then....halt! No copper hooks to finish the project. I have silver. I have gold. No copper. I don't even have any antique bronze, which would have worked in a pinch. What a life lesson, right? You just can't have all fancy beads. You have to have the components that work, too - work at closing your necklace! On the other hand, if I just had findings to work with, it wouldn't be interesting at all. Desserts also need salty. Darkness and Light need each other, too, so that each is appreciated. Well, maybe this is getting a bit too philosophical for this time of the night, but, darn it! I wanted to wear this tomorrow!!! Jerilynn


  1. I have copper!! Oh, but I live far away. Gorgeous necklace.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous, but the Land of Far, Far Away is to far away. Where are you?