Friday, March 11, 2011

Burning Down the House!

There is a bangle I saw at Tiffany's that I really liked. Notice how I just threw that out there? I used to go to Las Vegas quite a bit for trade shows when I was working for a catalog company, and I would love to poke around at the Tiffany's at the Bellagio. A few times I was there around my birthday, and Carl bought me Paloma Picasso zigzag rings. The bangle was always on my wish list, but I thought I could make something that was similar, for not so much money. If you click on the link you will see that now the bracelet is half price....too bad my birthday is way over! Anyway, I got some silver wire and bent it back and forth and came up with a bangle that isn't too bad. I wear it a lot - it is simple and seems to be a good "everyday" type of jewelry. Why I am talking to you about this today is that I just got a fabulous new book: Wire Style 2 by Denise Peck. Great inspiration! It even has a dvd that comes with it that goes through techniques, step by step. It has gotten me very excited to try some new wire projects. One of the techniques that Denise talks about in the video is the method of making your own head pins by sticking the ends of the silver wire in the flame of a torch. This creates a ball of metal at the end of the wire, and then you can use as you would any purchased headpin, but these are much more cool and interesting. I can just image what Carl is going to say when I tell him I want to get a small butane torch. He will probably think I will burn the house down. Silly. Jerilynn

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