Monday, March 7, 2011

Garnets and Silver, a Real Deal

I saw this necklace in the Sundance catalog and fell in love with it. 1) Garnets are my birthstone and I love them, 2) They are red and red is my favorite color, and 3) It was classicly simple. Ooops. $1,130.00. Well, I guess I need to get over that one. But, I found the above garnets on Etsy for a little over $30.00 from aaarealgem. I had some thin sterling silver headpins on hand, a pretty silver chain, and a cool silver flower closure (not shown, shucks). I changed the design just a bit, but if I get tired of it this way, I can take off the garnets, get new head pins, and make the necklace more like the Sundance one. That is one of the beauties of making jewelry. Most of the time you can wear it a while and then make the beads into something else! With fabric projects, it is a little harder, but projects can still be repurposed most of the time. Both of my boys were born in the month of July, which has a ruby for a birthstone (Red!!), and my daughter was born in June - Pearl. I have a mother's ring with a pearl set between two rubies. Very pretty. I suppose now that I have lots more kids and some grandkids that I need to investigate their birthstones and see what I can come up with. Rainbow fun, I am sure. I wore the new garnet necklace today, and nobody stopped me on the street and begged me to sell it to them. I was going to give someone a good deal, too. Half price, $565.00. Jerilynn


  1. Another garnet here. Good birthstone. My kids, while true gems all, had the yuckiest combo of stones possible. Pearl, peridot, and turquoise. I see that there are now options for each month. I think I could live with pearl, peridot and zircon.

    Beautiful necklace!

  2. Thank you for the comments! I have always liked peridot! A comco of those three, while unusual, may be pretty! The combo with the zircon, would be better, though.