Thursday, March 24, 2011

Necklace Candy and a Zoomed-in Cabin Shot

I have shown you lots of glass tile necklaces and I bet you have lost sleep over how I store them. I think of them as "hard candy" so I thought putting them in a glass candy dish on my dresser would be cute. I was right! I enjoy looking at the bowl-of-color almost as much as I enjoy wearing them. By the looks of the bowl, however, I will need to find a bigger candy dish very soon. I think only a clear glass one will work, though, don't you? The second shot is a zoomed-in shot of the cabin from the city park. Of course the big snowfall of the last two days makes the lake disappear. You can see the new windows of the second floor family room/sleeping area and the new studio windows. The little red house near the bottom is the fish house, halfway up is the fire pit area. I am thinking this is looking pretty good! Snow, go away. Now. Jerilynn

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