Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warning! Possibly Boring Shots of Bathroom Fixtures!

I did sew most of the day, but because I was working on the soon-to-be-published patterns, I can't really take a picture of what I did. But, another thing I did was order the toilets for two of the bathrooms, and the lavatory for the master bathroom. They are both by the Toto company, and what we like about them are their clean and simple lines. The toilets are dual flush - a good way to save some water. One setting for liquid, one for solid. Is this more information than you want from a "creative" blog? Probably. But, I really think this will be the required norm before long. So, even though we are getting responsible toilets, we are also getting some pretty sleek ones, too. The lav is a drop-in - not sure what it is going to drop in to, yet, but at least we have it when that decision is made. It also is nice and contemporary. The faucet we got isn't the one in the picture. It is a Moen Icon single handle faucet. It reminds me of a pump, albeit a modern pump. I think it will be a nice touch for a modern sink in a pine bathroom in a cabin. I told you, possibly boring pictures. I should have also warned you that this may be a possibly boring blog entry. That's it tonight from The Red Chair. Jerilynn


  1. Not boring! I love these finds! Especially looking forward to the bead store. Say Hi to Ellen for me. Xoxo

  2. Which one of your friends would be at the top of the list of those who would NOT find this boring? (You understand this question, right?) You got it - Miss How-Did-They-Get-That-Tower-Up-There? (among other things she's been called...)

  3. Ha, that's right! I have chuckled a few times about that over the years. I am sure you find home improvement stores just as fascinating as I do! Hang on to your seat because no bathroom vanities have been decided upon yet....whatever will they be?????