Saturday, March 12, 2011


Great class today! Three students for the Posy Penny Table Runner. One student, a darling new sewer, decide to make the circle version. The other two students have been in classes of mine before and I was happy to see their names on the roster - one even has the name of Penny! Two of the students had some skipping problems when stitching the squares onto the backing. I have used Lite Steam a Seam 2 before, and not had any stitching problems, but last week, during that awful flu/sewing day, I did have some problems. I chalked it up to being off my game that day, but when it happened again today to two more people, I took notice. I have no idea why one sewer didn't have any skips at all, and two did. It must have something to do with the fusible being too steamed/hot or not being fused enough. I will call the company next week and hope to speak to someone in customer service to help me solve this mystery. I have used this product many times, cut off the same bolt of the web. Never before did I have a lick of trouble. We had fun anyway (I think!) and I hope everyone shoots me a picture of the finished runner. It is a simple pattern that can be changed to suit many seasons. Makes me want to jump up off The Red Chair and start a new runner. I have my jammies on, though, and have a nice cozy blanket over my lap. I think I have turned into an old person. Maybe tomorrow I can start something new and try to figure out the fusible mystery. I will let you know when I learn anything. Jerilynn

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