Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Feel Blue Today

Have you noticed the color blue is popping up everywhere? Especially the darker, cobalt. Maybe I am just zeroed in on it, but even Target has some of that out this year. When I first got married, a million years ago, we picked out white ironstone dishes with a cobalt blue band around the edge: Noritake Fjord. Of course they are no longer made, and replacement dishes can be found at a premium. I still am quite fond of the style and color. I would love a covered casserole in that pattern, but they are going for around $100, and I keep thinking I should pass. Anyway, back to blue. I have liked the turquoise blue/orangey red combination for some time now, but this cobalt is starting to call my name. Add that to the turquoise/red mix and it could be pretty. Our first apartment in Chicago was in an old brownstone apartment building and our kitchen had a big window that was by the wooden stairs down to the back alley. With the curtains open, any one going up or down those stairs had a clear view. We had cobalt and white Dresden print curtains, blue and white checked tablecloth, and usually a blue and white pitcher full of daisies (a few bucks a handful at a small stand in the subway) on the table. After living there a while, an elderly lady stopped me in the hall and said "I love your blue and white kitchen!" I had never seen her before and it took me a while before I figured out how she had seen our kitchen! Throughout the years, red gradually took over my go-to decorating color, but I guess that bright blue never left. I am thinking it should be a part of the new cabin addition's decor in some way. I know, dear blog readers, that I said I wouldn't keep showing you stitched items, but in my sleep last night I designed circle stitchery that was then cut in fourths and sewn back together. So, I had to try that today on the blue woolfelt. Not so sure I like the little coaster (gasp!) but I like the bigger arrangement of the other arcs. Just in case you want to know what the Noritake Fjord dish pattern looks like, I decided to include in the shot the cream pitcher. Jerilynn


  1. When redoing a kitchen in California oh so long ago...we used Cobalt Blue and white for the colors...I (oops), we loved it! The man is still the best tiler around. It definitely brightened up a small kitchen from the HORRIBLE pea green. Gotta love color!

  2. That blue and white kitchen in Chicago then became my kitchen, but I had different dishes.

  3. Ha! That is right! You did have that kitchen with the window to the alley! Good memories.