Monday, March 21, 2011

This is only March. This IS Wisconsin.

That is a quote from the news tonight. I guess someone was not too happy when they heard the forecast of a two day winter storm warning, and we were just being pointedly reminded that this is exactly what March does. Carl was right - the girl's state basketball tournament starts on Thursday, and he said that there is always a bunch of snow for that. So, for the next week, the only Spring we will see is whatever we make inside. So, I designed this coaster to make the side table by The Red Chair look a little perkier. I think I may stop by the flower shop this week (if I can get the car out of the garage through the snow and ice) and buy a handful of daffodils. I think I will wear my bright red-orange spring coat, even if I have to have multiple layers of warm clothes underneath. I might even ask Carl to have a burger cookout. It is spring. Even if it IS Wisconsin. Jerilynn

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  1. I really like this coaster-bright and cheery; just when you think and see the pointy spears of the daffodils popping up, cold comes by and freezes their little tips. =( Yep, that's Wisconsin and what our version of spring is...WET and cold.