Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Shot of Cabin Taken Today!!!

March Fools! Oh, wait a minute... that is April Fool's, right? I was looking through some digital shots to find a picture of a bag I need for the deadline and ran across a series of shots from last summer. Yep, I got it bad. BUT, March is the month that has the first day of spring! This is very good news. Just after March, the month of April, is the month that the ice goes away and the docks go in. Just after April, the month of May, is the month that should see the completion of the cabin addition. Blink, blink. Well, today a new circular attachment was secured. I will treat the new one a little better than I did the old one. Although, the old one was purchase sometime back in the early 90's, so I guess I did get my money's worth. Tomorrow will be a long day of sewing. Box of samples will go out on Thursday. Photography on Tuesday. I will then tackle the writing of the patterns and may take offers up on pattern testing. I find my mind wandering and thinking about new projects that I want to do, just for fun. My reward for this last push. The Red Chair is feeling pretty comfy tonight. I think I may be too old to do almost all-nighters anymore. Nah. Jerilynn

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  1. Love the circle thing! Are you using that for a new purse pattern? I MUST start sewing more!