Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Keep Clean Wearing an Apron

Yesterday's afternoon class was a holiday apron. What really made me want to take this session, however, was this silly little , little apron! The apron and little apron were printed on a fabric panel. We cut them out and then lined them with a coordinating fabric to make them reversible. Even the little one can be used on either side! It could fit a doll, but I think it looks great on the Joy soap bottle - the bottle even fills out the top! It is so silly and goofy. Now I am thinking I need to make more little bottles need them, liquid hand soap containers need them. I am sure this new production of mini me cover ups will really make my children wonder about my sanity. How many would you like to order for Christmas gifts? On our new wood floor update: this morning I noticed the floor( the NEW hardwood floor) in front of the fridge was slightly warped. Yep. The fridge was leaking enough from the ice maker hook up that the floor got wet and warped. Very bummed. Have no idea what next. So, tomorrow when we go in to pay for the floor, we will need to order two more boxes of wood and set up a time for the installer to come in, tear up, and put new boards down. This is not good. Jerilynn


  1. Never realized how buxom Joy is until seeing her in an apron. Better keep her away from Mr. Clean unless you're prepared for some little scrubbing bubbles floating around the house.

  2. LOL Started my day off with a giggle! I, also, was impressed with Joy's ability to fill out an apron.

  3. Years ago we decided not to go with the ice maker add-on to the new 'fridge. The exercise value of filling years' worth of trays and taking them to the freezer compartment is probably negligible (darn!)but we will add you to the (growing) list of friends who've had kitchen floors ruined by such a malfunction. Good that Mr. Jerisew(s) is a handy guy! P.S. Cute bottle apron!