Friday, November 5, 2010

What did the Cotton Say to the Wool? "I've Been Shot!"

I have fallen in love with the new shot cotton fabrics from Kaffe Fassett. Shot cottons are solids that are woven with two different colors of threads. So, while a solid, there is a very interesting texture/color play going on. I bought quite a few at the Madison Quilt Expo in September and I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them, but some of these modern quilts that are out there now are good options. They remind me of the very traditional Amish quilts which were done with solid fabrics. If you get a chance, look up some of the traditional Amish patterns and be prepared to be amazed at their beauty. The quilt pictured above I made back in the 90's and is a Double Nine Patch. It is hanging in our stairwell, and, yes, it is straight and square, but I took the picture at an angle so it looks a bit wonky. Anyway, I made it using a very unique line of fabric at that time. The colors are shot cottons, and all the colors in the quilt were on the same bolt of fabric! Yes, the fabric came with big stripes. I cut the stripes apart and sewed them back together, hoping to get some interesting contrast. I loved the results back then, and I still love the quilt today. It is old fashioned and modern all at once. So, seeing all the shot cottons that are out now was a little trip down my quilting memory lane. I know that there are lines of fabric now and then that have several colors, or even several stripes of prints on each bolt. If you see such an animal, buy a yard or two and have fun! By the way, my sewing room still looks pretty good. I made an embroidered coaster today on my machine that just got back from repair and it looks great. Yay! Just in time for some holiday crafting! Jerilynn

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