Friday, November 12, 2010

My Next Sewing Machine Needs Spellcheck!

Tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon I am attending the 2010 Sew Holiday Workshop at Sew Complete. What fun! We make three different projects, kits all cut and ready to go, AND get fed! Dinner tonight was a yummy Many Bean Soup (fiber is VERY important for women of age). We get breakfast for tomorrow morning's class, and we get lunch for the afternoon session. Tonight's project was a big bag using the Double Diamond Ruler and a pattern by Jill Hix, Double Diamond Tote. I decided to be "creative" and program my machine to stitch out Sew Holiday 2010. Well, for some reason, a "J" got in front of the "S" in Sew. I didn't notice it until I had stitched the WHOLE strap! I laughed so hard and had the rest of the class in "stitches", too. I corrected the spelling for the second strap, but I have a feeling that this tote may just be a favorite project tote because of the crazy handle. I was using the Bernina 440, which doesn't show the whole line of what is going to be least that is a partial excuse. Was I trying to write JERISEW? Who knows. You know, we always wonder what sewing machine manufacturers are going to come up with next - each new model has tons of new features. Well, I think I may have to request a machine with Spellcheck! Sew...I am back home, in the Red Chair, with a glass of wine, looking forward to another sewing day tomorrow. Isn't making stuff just the best fun? Jerilynn

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