Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You That I Like Wool Felt?

Well, yes, maybe I have mentioned it before. I taught a Folkart Clothesline Tote class this afternoon and tonight so I didn't have much of a chance to day to make anything and take a picture of it. I did make 7 layer bars for the students, so I suppose I could show you a picture of those. But, what I did take a picture of is one of our coasters. Our last name initial is an "L" and is in the corners. Our first name initials are bigger in the middle of each side. I used an interesting font, and I think the overall look is more like a design rather than a coaster with initials. It is so satisfying to make these little 4.5" squares. Just use a double layer of wool felt, stitch something on it, and, Viola! coasters. You can slip one in a birthday card and you won't have to add extra postage. For more ideas visit my Etsy shop, You certainly can order some coasters, but they are cheaper to just to make them yourself. Jerilynn

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