Monday, November 8, 2010

This hangs in another part of the mud room entryway. I made it quite a few years ago but I still like this little quilt. It is outlined quilted with big black stitches, the appliques are sewn on with a narrow zig-zag that matches each fabric. The prayer is handstitched with black thread. As I have moved away from most of my wall hangings and country decorations, some of the favorites continue to stay. I suppose I could show you a picture of what our kitchen, breakfast room, dining room and main entry look like...the wood floor is being replaced after a leaky fridge episode last summer. Appliances and furniture are stacked everywhere! I am afraid, though, that the nice new floor may have a domino effect...all of the other almost -10 year old stuff is going to look a bit dreary. I suppose, though, if I get all updated and new, my patchwork wall quilt would have to be packed away. I guess the old appliances can stay awhile. Jerilynn

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