Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow! This is Bright!

Yes, it is. But, if you were an 8 year old Boise State fan, you would think the color was just perfect! Now, times this quilt by two...yes, our grandson has a bunk bed, so two of these quilts were requested. I had to order the Boise theme fabric online because for some reason, our local fabric stores were fresh out! I could, however, find the solid blue and the solid orange that matched pretty good. Because of the busy theme fabric, I felt the best approach for a quilt pattern would be a simple stripe, almost giving it a camp blanket look. To be nice and sturdy (and to also speed up the finishing process) I brought the back fabric, which is the theme print, to the front, turned it under once, and zig-zagged it into place. Just to please the traditionalists, though, I did miter the corners. The second quilt has the colors in the opposite places, so Jonah will be able to tell the difference between the quilt that fits on the bottom, double-sized bunk, and the one that fits on the top, single-sized bunk. I have enough fabric to make a pillow case, but I think I should make, back to the fabric store to buy more orange and blue. Jerilynn


  1. Wow, that is one bright quilt! Almost need sunglasses to look at it. But I'm sure the intendee in thrilled!!!


  2. Had the same thought as Joan. Can one sew while wearing sunglasses? This would be the situation. Will the child be able to sleep at night with a room so bright? Yes, I'm sure he will and he will be dreaming of his team all night long.