Thursday, November 11, 2010

Iphone Cozy

My daughter-in-law, Katie requested a cozy for her new phone. I looked in Ravelry and found several options, and decided to give the "sock" look a try. I used some sock yarn that I had on hand and size 1 double pointed needles. The instructions, here, we brief, but easy to figure out. They said to close the bottom with the Kitchener stitch, which is usually used to close toes when you knit socks. I am not sure that I am a Kitchener expert yet, but the closure did turn out pretty good. There isn't any Velcro or button keeping the case closed - jut the ribbing should be enough to keep the sock in place. This only took a couple of hours...pretty cute, I think! It was nice sitting in my Red Chair, just relaxing and knitting. The new floors got done today and they look really good. We worked hard getting stuff put back in place. I did a little decluttering at the same time. A good day. Jerilynn

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