Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snowman on the Wine Bottle Bag in 3D

The snowman applique on the wine bag was a big hit with the littlest grandson. It wasn't all that much fun to play with, though, so today I thought I would make the applique 3D, no glasses needed. Not too hard to do, at all. I just made the bottom of the snowman a little flatter and a little wider. I measured the bottom and doubled it and drafter an oval. I used 4 layers of brown felt for the arms, with a narrow zig zag down the middle to keep them together. A little stuffing later, he was complete. He looked right at home outside today, but tonight he is not melty at all on a little side table by the Red Chair. So, now I am thinking it needs company...maybe a stuffed Christmas Tree. a Reindeer, a Santa? Wouldn't it be just so adorable to give someone the Snowman for Christmas in the Snowman Gift Bag (formerly known as the Snowman Wine Bag) ? Two gifts in one, and I get to keep the wine. Perfect. Jerilynn

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