Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Have All the Handknit Scarves Gone?

In the evening I like sitting in my Red Chair and knitting. My sewing room is in the lower level and I just like being up here, half listening to/watching the tv, maybe having a little glass of wine, talking to Carl about the day. For many months I was on a cotton yarn dishcloth knitting kick - until my kids threatened to put me in a washcloth rehab unit. So, now I am knitting other things, mostly all small projects because it keeps my interest. The latest projects are out of an interesting wool yarn, Zitron Opus 1, mit Aloe and Jojoba (made in Germany, of course). It is a super soft yarn, and maybe I should have found some slipper sock pattern. The yarn would have been wonderful on my feet! But, the hat is done, and the scarf is getting there. The hat is a basic rolled brim hat from here. The scarf is an open, repeating pattern from the wonderful book, Scarf Style, by Pam Allen. I bought that book a few years ago, and just recently looked at it again, and found several wonderful possibilities for the Red Chair times. When I went to pull a scarf out of the scarf basket the other day, I only found "store bought" ones....where did the handknit ones go??? I think I have been "gifting" them as I get a compliment. I must stop that bad habit if I want to be stylish in handknits this winter! By the way, the wooden hutch that you see in the lefthand corner doesn't normally live across from the Red Chair. Our floor is not yet done, so we have an interesting mix of kitchen/breakfast room/dining room stuff everywhere. Good news is that the parts of the floor that are already done are really pretty. Youngest son Peter came over tonight and said "Oh, oh." We all knew what he meant. Jerilynn

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