Friday, November 26, 2010

Special Order Coaster

I don't get a lot of Etsy sales, so when I do get a sale, it is pretty exciting. I was contacted a bit ago by someone who wanted initial coasters. At that time, my machine was in the shop for repair, so I had to respond and say that I could do initials, but it would be a while. Well, machine is back, working great, and I finally got back to the very patient lady and designed a very plain initial coaster she liked. The above image is just a mock-up: her initials have been not revealed to protect her! I sent her a sample coaster and I just heard back that she liked it. Yay! Now to get into production. In the meantime, I got another Etsy order today! I will work on that order tomorrow and order the color of felt the initial coaster customer wants and get those out to her right away! In the meantime, tonight I helped Ellen, home for Thanksgiving, with her wine bottle bags and her Quick Card Cases. We watched/listened to the entire first season of Pushing Daisies while we were sewing. What a great show! I was sad to look up the series and find out that it was only on for two seasons. I am definitely going to watch the rest of the shows. It was very fun and sweet. We watched Benjamin today for a few hours and he discovered the wine bottle snowman on the table. He wanted to play with it, but when I took the wine bottle out and put it on the floor, he started to cry! I think it was scary. After a bit, when I made the snowman play patty-cake with the little mitten hands, Benjamin thought the little snowman was harmless and fun. I think I am going to try to make a little stuffed man for Benjamin to play with. Jerilynn

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