Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stretched Fabric Panels

Back in the 70's and 80's, fabric panels stretched over wooden stretcher bars were an inexpensive and popular way to add big pops of color to a wall. Marimeko panels were especially fun, and a local Scandinavian store had a bunch of great fabric pictures. I guess I have never completely let go of that "look" so when I saw this big panel from Sandy Gervais, I just had to buy it! I bought the fabric panel a couple of years ago, and just last fall finally got around to stretching it. Of course it is big - maybe 24" by 44"! I couldn't find a spot big enough to house it for the season. But, then, I found that it looks just perfect in the mud room entry from the garage to the kitchen! I love the colors with the blue walls - very cheery. It has caused a bit of a problem, however. When the Christmas holiday comes around, I don't have a nice big panel to replace it with. There are various Christmas fabrics out there, but I just have it in my mind to find something a bit modern, Scandinavian, funky...whatever. I supposed I could do three smaller stretched fabrics...maybe I could do a fun appliqued panel... I saw a super huge spoon and fork out of metal at Pier One and thought maybe I could just hang those there. They are fun but not colorful, and not fabric, of course. In the whole scheme of things that is going on with the family and in the world, finding a picture for the mud room seems pretty trivial. All I am saying is that I am open for suggestions. Jerilynn


  1. Ah yes, brings back memories of working at Scandinavian design...I will join you in the hunt for other seasonal panels. Good luck.