Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Banyan Leaf Curtain and Towel

I sure hope you didn't lose any sleep over the anticipation of the shower curtain and the matching towel. After I took this picture I realized that it isn't all that showy or remarkable. I like it, but I am not sure it is so "blog worthy". The fabric is an outdoor fabric designed by Susan Sargent. It was pretty pricey, so instead of buying enough to do a 70" x 70" shower curtain (standard size) , and buying 4 yards of 54" fabric and seam it together, I bought just 2.25 yards and made the curtain narrower. It works fine, because this is on a shower, not a tub. I still use a plastic liner inside, although I think it may be fine without it. Using my Bernina V6 software, I designed an embroidery that is like one of the banyan leaves in the curtains. The banyan tree is a really cool tree! There is a HUGE one in the courtyard of the place we used to rent at the beach in Florida. Lots of cute little lizards played on it, and it was a nice shady spot. So, when I saw this pattern on Susan's website, I thought it would be a subtle addition to the bathroom that had the beach sand tubes on the wall. Themey, but not toooo themey. I also bought a mermaid hand hooked rug from Susan Sargent and it looked pretty stupid in the bathroom. A plain green one looks just fine. I had just a little of the fabric leftover and I made a very tiny valance for the window above the shades. Not too much of a valance fan, but the fabric was so expensive that I just wanted to use every bit of it! I hate to tell you this, because of the cliff-hanger from yesterday, but this very exciting story has another chapter. See you tomorrow! Jerilynn

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