Monday, November 22, 2010

Reusable Wine Gift Bag Tutorial

This weekend in Madison, my daughter and I worked on a way to make a fast but cute reusable wine gift bag. The above photo is a picture of the ones Ellen made and also some of her Quick Card Cases she has done. Fun, huh? You can sorta tell from the photo that each bag has two side, and each side has sewn-in ties that are the fabric of the other side. I should take a picture of the bag on a real bottle so that you can see how great they look. They are pretty easy and quick to make. You will need two fat quarters of two fabrics. Layer the fabrics right sides together and press. Cut out two 11" x 16" rectangles from each fat quarter (I cut the rectangles from the layered fabric.) Cut two long strips from the remaining fabric that are 1" x 22". You will have barely any fabric left - maybe just shavings from squaring things up. Sew the top edge (the bag is 11" wide and 16" tall, so the top edge is one of the 11" edges) , right sides together, one color of rectangle to the second color. Press seam open and then press the two halves together, right sides out, creating a nice sharp top sewn edge. Press under 1/4" on one bottom edge of one of the colors. Open sewn unit and fold lengthwise, matching the top seam. Sew across the bottom of the color that didn't get pressed under, up the long sides, and end at the bottom of the second color, leaving the bottom open for turning. Turn right side out, tuck pressed bottom edges in, and machine stitch closed close to folded edge. Tuck one color inside the other color and marvel at how nice that pre-pressed top seam looks. Take two of the long strips (1" x 22"), one of each color. Fold in half, stitch a scant 1/4" seam. Using a Fast Turn tool, turn tie inside out. (I really don't know how you can turn those tiny ties without a Fast Turn tool. I suppose you could use ribbon here - might be cute). Repeat for second color. Position ties 4.25" down from top seam on the side seam, one on each side. Carefully pin in place and stitch both in place at the same time. I try to line up the stitching with the side seam so it doesn't show. Trim the raw edges of the ties at an angle and tie in a single knot close to the end. The unused ties of the "lining" color just tuck inside until they are called to duty when turned that side out. Throw in a wine bottle, and tie in a bow. Or, use for any type of long gift. This technique can be used for any sized bag, really. At Hancock Fabric in Madison they had a gift/decor area and they had a black wine bottle shape that opened up to reveal a set of wine tools. Very sharp! Wouldn't that make a great gift when placed in a hand made wine bottle fabric gift bag? Jerilynn

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