Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Like Squishy Sofa Pillows

I could never understand the pillows that are sold for couches - they are usually so stiff! I guess they behave well. You put them somewhere on the couch and they stay there, all perky. Just try to rest your head on one, though, or put it behind your back. Ouch. So, most of the time I make my own pillows, and I don't stuff them completely full. I allow them to be relaxed. A trick I discovered, though, is to BUY pillows, open them up, take out most of their stuff, decorate them with embroidery or applique, and sew them back up. No leftover expensive decorator fabric! No bags of polyfill to buy. AND there is leftover stuffing for another project! What a good idea. The pillows in the picture were purchased at Shopko during a great sale. I did the described "surgery" and stitched on a few circles and some big rick rack "grass". They add a touch of color and have been used for some pretty nice cabin naps. Kind of like that Sandra lady on that cooking show (I think I have talked about her before)...semi-homemade. Jerilynn


  1. This might be the best way for me to start to sew again...not that I ever sewed much... But I'm feeling like doing it lately. We need some cute napping pillows and semi-homemade might just work!

  2. It really is a pretty easy and fast way to go. Kohls has good pillows, KMart, Target. Watch for sales. As I said, the key is taking out most of the stuffing! It is a bit messy to do...get a big garbage bag and dump in all the fiberfill, sew on your desired design, restuff until squishy, and sew back up. You will be shocked at how much of the stuffing you will have leftover!

  3. I'm waiting for a big hole to be dug next door. My friend Candace has a blog called realworldmidwest. She is getting crazy with crocheting, sewing, and potting. She even has her husband sewing his pants. See you soon, RJR