Thursday, October 14, 2010

In a Color Rut?

I taught the Folkart Clothesline Bag tonight to a good group of 9 ladies. A few I knew and was happy to see their faces and the rest I just met tonight and will be happy to see their faces at the second class in two weeks. I brought in a few of the bags I made to show them how different the shapes are and to show them some color choices. Only, when the totes got all together I realized that they all more or less looked like each other! Slight variations on the theme, but nonetheless - alike. I told the students then and there that by the next class I would make a new bag and make one NOT out of my usual color choices. It will be really hard not to do any red, and I always like the touches of black, oh, and I like the greens and blues, too. Well, I will just have to come up with something that does not look like it belongs with the others. One lady had previously started to make one of the other popular clothesline bags and gave up. Another had made the one where you wrap strips around the cord and then zig-zag together. Both of those ladies were happy to learn this way of making a bag. All the students seemed to love this technique and talked about the next one they were going to make. They left with smiles (well, I also made 7 layer bars for them to munch on, so maybe that is why they were smiling). Usually I have taught this in one five hour class, and this time it is a two-parter. It will be interesting to see if anyone makes another one before the second class. In that class we will work on the lining, pockets, and handles. Might have to make some cookies. Tomorrow we go to the cabin and move the rock borders before the digger people come. No pain, no gain. Jerilynn

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