Monday, October 18, 2010

Strange Baby Hat

If you go to and look under a tutorial for cashmere hats for mom, dad, and baby, you will see a family with hats on and the baby isn't smiling. That should have been my first clue. If you look at the end of the whole tutorial, and the whole family is laughing at how silly the baby hat is, that should have been the second clue. Well, I guess I needed to find out for myself. I finished the hat, and, yes, I am showing you a picture, and I can only imagine how it is going to look on a baby's head! Maybe smaller needles, maybe thinner yarn - I don't know if anything would have helped. Maybe if the youngest grandson takes up snowmobiling he can wear this over the helmet. My next to youngest grandson likes to motor bike...maybe he can use it. Or, maybe it just could be donated to a drive for warm hats for kids, although that isn't very nice to donate a silly hat. It does look warm, and it does have a built-in neck warmer. I did get most of my sewing area picked up today. Here's the "before" shot, but I will wait for a good "after" shot. Somehow even a bit more organized it still looks cluttered. I guess I need to hire a stager to stage the sewing room so that my blog readers (all three of you!) will be impressed with the neatness. For now, though, I am going to start another small knitting project because I have a cold and I am too tired to do much else. Sniff. Jerilynn


  1. How about sewing a few fun buttons across the forehead, and or a colorful tassel ? I think it looks warm and easy to wear, even if a little goofy.

  2. it looks like a purple-knitted version of Darth Vader's helmet. :)