Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today is one of the most beautiful autumn days you will ever see. We are at our cabin, putting some of the outdoor stuff in the Fish House Hotel (ask me about the name sometime!) and getting the boats out. The color here is just breathtaking. You would think I could show some shots of that, but for some very odd reason I woke up this morning in a Christmas frame of mind. My embroidery machine is in the shop for repairs, so maybe I am having anxiety that I won't be able to get everything done I want to get done for the holidays. Maybe this good weather just has put me in a good mood and I am happily looking forward to family fun. Dunno. I do know that I like these shaped holiday coasters! Again I used the Bernina V6 software to design the simple shapes. This time, though, instead of hooping two layers of the wool felt of the same color, the bottom layer was black. After stitching out the designs I first cut close to the stitches on the top, colored felt, and then cut the background, black felt about 1/8 inch away. The black frames the colors nicely. I bet other color combinations would work well, too. Maybe I will play around with more designs today. Hmmm, I could make some with not only the background sticking out all around, but I could make something with cut-outs so the background shows through now and then in the main part of the coaster. Cute! I should, however, get outside and help the spousal unit and drink in the wonderful fall sunshine. Crunch, crunch (that is the sound of me working in the yard in the leaves.) Jerilynn

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