Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sewing Room Didn't Get Organized!

I bet you are really shocked, right? Went to lunch with sweet DIL and grandson, bought a new power cord for my laptop (WHY are they so expensive??? Because we have no other option???), bought some curtain fabric for DIL's dining room (I love it - dots!), and came home to clean a bit and wash towels/sheets from the last week's family visit. While outside I noticed my pumpkins were looking a little tilty...tried to pick them up by the stem and realized it was pretty much a blob of orange goo at this point. Now, anyone that knows me knows I have a "thing" about pumpkin poor children had to have a stand-in mom help them with carving. Sooo, I did my best big-girl impersonation and used a snow shovel to get rid of the mess. No more cute outdoor decorations. But, once I came inside and cleaned a little, I decided to add more autumn color inside. I put out these fall leaf coasters, cute and practical. These, unlike most of the other coasters I make are not machine embroidered - just machine stitched. The top layer is outlined with a blanket stitch, and then a triple stitch defines the veins. Tomorrow is another day. If I am brave enough I may take before and after pictures. Jerilynn

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  1. These are my favorites so far. They remind me of the autumn leaf sweatshirt you made me 20 (!) years ago. It's a little worse for the wear, but I still get compliments on it!