Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where Did I Put That Needle?

Well, if you had a Needle Keeper, you would know where your needles are. I designed this Needle Keeper to be an in-the-hoop project for embroidery machines. It is hard to see from the top photo, but inside this cute little fold-up is a place to not only put your hand sewing needles and some straight pins, but also different kinds of machine needles. The little words that you can't read are the types of needles I use most and the numbers under the names correspond to the sizes of the types. So, a slightly used topstitch needle can be put in this case for the next time I need a needle of that type. To keep track of what kind of needle I have in my machine, I can place a straight pin in the type section and in the correct number position. Clear as Mud? The outside of the case has a little redwork design that was built into the Bernina V6 Software. A little round Velcro holds things together. A fun and fast little gift for someone or for yourself. The handbag idea I talked about yesterday is working good so far, but I don't want to spoil the surprise by just showing you a part of it. I am using the decorative stitches on my machine. How many of you bought a new sewing machine with lots of fun stitches? You went right home and sewed them out on a scrap of fabric, didn't you? Then, you went on to sew a bunch of things...mostly with the straight stitch and some practical stitches. Me, too. I would longingly look at all that cuteness and sew a few out now and then, but didn't have a real big project to use them for. Well, this new project I am working on uses lots of those great designs. I am using red wool felt (are you surprised at that?) and using a cream colored cotton thread. Fun. Jerilynn


  1. Bought a new machine - check. Tried all the decorative stitches on a fabric sandwich - check. Have yet to sew much on new machine. Can't wait to see your new project and organized sewingromm althought I thought it looked fine the way it was!!


  2. FYI, the machine I am using is the Bernina 440!!! Love that machine!

  3. Love those! Handy-dandy! I hate those little plastic boxes the needles come in. When I upgrade my 40 yr. old Bernina, maybe I'll make myself one.