Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bibelot Vist

My sister and I went to the Bibelot shop on Grand Ave. in St. Paul, MN last Saturday. Love that store...clothes, shoes, jewelry, gifts, kids, decs, cooking name it. Stuff can be pricey, but the ideas are wonderful! I love to go there before I head down the street to the Bead Monkey bead store. I try hard to concentrate on a necklace or such that I would like to interpret with my own beading skills, but by the time I leave the store, and drive 6 blocks, the idea is gone. Anyway, in their clothing section they had a gorgeous jacket, steely blue, wool, I think. the front was trimmed with a wavy ruffle in a satiny fabric. The whole jacket, ruffle, sleeve, bottom front and back, was "piped" with zipper teeth. There was also a big removable flower that was the same steely blue wool with zipper teeth trim. The price tag was shocking and I was super tempted because I had a 20% off coupon (loooove coupons). But, when I tried it on for my sister she said it was too froo-froo for me. Guess sometone a bit taller and thinner might be able to carry it off. Anyway, I just can't stop thinking about how to take this idea and use it in another way. In the meantime, I was checking my etsy store (sales have not been too brisk) and on the front page they show various artists' things, and there was a make-up bag that had a ruffle down the front that caught my eye. See it at So then I tried to find a picture somewhere of the jacket, but only found a handbag that had zipper teeth trim . This isn't the cutest bag in the world, but I bet you see where I am going. A Big Bottom Bonnie Bag with a zipper teeth trimmed ruffle! I suppose that if I can find a steely blue fabric I can recreate the feeling of the jacket with coin left in my pocket. Jerilynn

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