Friday, October 15, 2010

So, What Did You Create Today, Jeri?

A rock pile! Yep, this was what I created. We had a rock border by the cabin that needed to be relocated before the excavator people came so we came up to the cabin to haul the rock to their temp location. It wa a pretty good plan: back the Honda CRV close to the cabin, load up the big rocks and then drive it up to the garage and make a pile until the construction is done. Work gloves: check. Cute autumn sweatshirt: check. Ibuprofen: check. All went well for the loading...but...the unloading didn't go as smoothly. Slipped on the pile of leaves as DH was backing up the car to the unloading area. I cried out loudly so that he would miss my head! He helped me up, brushed me off and told me not to go on that side of the car again! Went to the back of the car to unload the rocks and ran my leg smack into the trailer hitch! Ouch. At that point he is wondering why he let me "help". Happy to report that the rest of the project went just fine. We have little rocks to haul tomorrow, and then we are done. I realize that this picture isn't as colorful as previous posts, but I am pretty pleased with my efforts today and with the fact that I am still able to post a post. Tomorrow I plan to take several shots inside and out of the "before" so that when we are done I can be amazed at the transformation. I brought some knitting along with me, so maybe that might be tomorrow's picture. Dunno. Jerilynn

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