Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is Going On Here????

Hey! You are saying to yourself...what gives? Didn't I just see leaf coasters on a Jerisew(s) post? Well, sharp-eyed readers, you sure did! Wynne has a birthday tomorrow (Wednesday) and she commented on the leaf coaster blog that she like those leaf ones quite a bit. Sooo, I am not only making her a birthday gift that I know she will like, but I am rewarding her for being so kind to a) read the blog, and b) post a comment! But, and here is where it gets interesting.....unless she comments on THIS blog, the coasters will be sent to another reader! But only readers named Wynne, and only those with a birthday tomorrow. I know, that narrows the field down, but there just might be someone else out there that fits this description. Also, you ask, why are there an odd number of coasters - sets usually are even numbered. Well, all of the colors insisted upon being included in the birthday give-away. You know how bossy colors can be! Other news: on the cabin project. Now we find out that the studio is not in code because it is going to be built on a current cabin whose position is not in code but has been grandfathered in. We can apply for a variance and that should take two weeks. My husband and I have decided, however, not to get too upset over any inevitable challenges that will happen with this project. We have decided to enjoy the process and deal creatively with problems as they appear. Sounds good in theory, right? Jerilynn


  1. Hi Jeri, I love my charming and colorful leaf coasters. I used them at my renovation celebration open house, where I also wore the coordinating falling leaves sweatshirt you made me 20 years ago! Thank you for generously giving me this delightful gift and sharing your creative talents on your new blog!

  2. Glad you liked them! Sorry we missed the fun...my dad is in the hospital again...I will get a report of the party soon, I hope!