Thursday, October 7, 2010


What an exciting day! We had to have two trees removed on our property to make way for the addition of the cabin. We still have lots of trees and plenty of leaves to rake, but these two trees were not only in the way, but had some pretty hefty dead limbs that were a hazard. It was so fun/scary to watch the tree crew plan the cut. Our little three year old neighbor boy (an Opie double complete with red hair that sticks up and freckles...adorable!) had a front seat to see all the action. It was so fortunate that today was his day off from day care! The other next door neighbor had two trees removed also, one of which was between our cabin and their cabin. It was a very, very tall pine tree that had become a high rise condo for woodpeckers. Lots and lots of holes had made the tree somewhat unstable, and it had to come down. There was only a narrow opening for that huge tree to land. We had to get out of the cabin and go waaaay over to the opposite side. What a show! The cut and landing went perfectly! Every tree that came down today, though, made a loud "kaboom"! In the midst of all this, a neighbor friend and I decided to make apple pies....and our contractor came to tell us the set-back had changed and we needed to redesign the busy! A vendor I used to work with would call me and tell me he had an "opportunity" for be creative. That meant that a shoe I had ordered for a spot in the catalog had dropped from their line and I would have to scramble to fill the spot before press time. Well, Carl and I now have an "opportunity" to be creative and re-configure the addition, before the diggers come next week to dig the hole! I just hope the studio doesn't get cut - yikes! Picture of the day was taken on the back deck that has to come off and re-used once the building is done. It is called Stripes and Squares and the pattern is by Aardvark Quits. You can't see from the picture, but it is quilted in swirly circles by Jennifer Bauer, a wonderfully talented machine quilter. This quilt is on the couch at the cabin and is perfect for chilly times. It is strip-pieced and goes together quite easily because the bias edges are forgiving for matching. The pies are done, the tree guys went home for the day, and Carl is at the counter with paper that has little squares. I am sure an even better design is just moments away. Jerilynn


  1. You're not having any fun, are you, Jeri?! Soooo much to look forward to, with sewing projects, and building projects, and sewing projects in the new part of the building project. Not to be outdone in the worker guy arena, herein the old West Hill 'hood we had a lift truck at our house today to get a new chimney cap safely - the operative word being SAFE - up to replace the old rusted one that blew off. A wasted opportunity for little boy viewing- they were all in school, or have moved. Oh well, I enjoyed the event ;>)

  2. This is wonderful Jeri, i am so impressed with you blog and your spirit of creativity that has clearly never been better. Have you ever seen lairs blog? It's called Next Door Laura. I'll enjoy both of these charming windows into my friends hearts, minds and souls. Delightful way to stay connected. Plus do you sell stuff through it too? I,d like to order a set of 8 holiday/winter coasters. So glad you sent the link! Love wyn