Saturday, October 9, 2010


So, a blog reader of mine questioned what I I a blog about sewing/quilting/creating, or am I a reporting what is happening in my life blog. I couldn't answer that question becasuse my sewing, etc. has always just been a part of what I do and what Iam. Sooooo, what should I do since I am a new blogger person - do I just let you know what I make or do I let you know what is going on in the background? Anyway, I am happy to hear that you like the tee shirt quilts. I hope I my very brief tutorial ( ha - I love it that I can think that the brief explanation was a TUTORIAL!) Leave a comment if you want a more detailed explanation, but, seriously, they are super simple to do. One thing I forgot to mention is that I don't line up the tee shirt images like little soldiers in a row - I turn them every-which-way - no up or down. Thanks for reading. BTW, tonight I went to a wedding where my baby boy was the best man, and I agree. Jerilynn

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