Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Funky Chickens

These funky chickens march across a white dish towel. I digitized them in the Bernina 6 software and should have sorted the colors before I stitched them on the towel. I had a ton of jump stitches to cut - you can still see a little blue thread in the upper left hand corner. I know better, but I was so excited to see how cute they would turn out that I didn't take the extra steps needed to make a good sew-out. It seems there is a growing fascination with all things redwork - and I include the above design in that definition even though it is multi colors. To me, redwork embroidery is simply a broad description of outline designs. I don't think these chicks would be as cute filled in with stitches. I have a new idea for a felt handbag, and I envision redwork type stitches and maybe I can even make it look a little Scandinavian. I would love to use cream stitches on red wool, but it might look too Christmassy. Maybe I will stitch out a few squares tomorrow to see if my good idea actually is one. Birthday post from yesterday update: Wynne didn't comment. I think she was too busy having a great birthday to check blogs. I will give her a few more days before they are up for grabs! Jerilynn

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